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Samples of Vows & Scripts
April 16th, 2016~Richard and Sarah
Today Sarah and Richard, your wedding day, is one brief day in time, and although your vows are spoken in a matter of minutes, they are promises that will last a lifetime. You each shared with me your feelings of admiration for one another that deserve repeating before you exchange your vows.

Richard you stated that you never knew the full capacity of love until you met Sarah. You described Sarah as your source of happiness and laugher. Making your days infinitely brighter. You spoke of Sarah as the most open-minded and caring person you know, believing that her influence has made you a better person. She makes the highs in your life higher and the lows much easier to deal with. And despite knowing your faults she loves you regardless, and that unconditional love is something you will forever be grateful for.

Sarah you told me that Richard's curiosity was what attracted you the most to him when you first met. That you adored the way he saw the world with such potential and adventure, which has lead to life full of it. That Richard makes you brave because he has always made you feel safe. You spoke of how he makes you laugh every day, many times a day, and especially when you need it most. And how you feel privileged to know him unlike anyone else in this world, and can't wait to continue to get to know the person he will become.
April 30th~Christopher and Karley
Christopher and Karley you have just made a life-long commitment to share the rest of your lives with each other, yet the journey is not yours alone, for you have been blessed with a beautiful son, and it is the strength of your love that shall nourish you all together as a family. Christopher and Karley would like to take this moment to recognize the significant role that Cayden plays in this marriage celebrated today. You are a family drawn together by love and held together by devotion. 
What is family? Author unknown but he writes
A family is…
The sweetest feelings
The warmest hugs
Trust and togetherness
Unconditional love
The stories of our lives written on the same page
The nicest memories anyone has ever made
Treasured photos
Thankful tears
Hearts overflowing with all the years
Being there for one another
Supporting and caring
Understanding, helping, sharing
Walking life’s path together
And making the journey more
Beautiful because….

We are a family…And a family
Is Love.

June 9th, 2016~Robbie and Amanda

~Life’s moments are as grains of sands, forever moving and shifting with the winds of time. Today, Robbie and Amanda, you are making your eternal commitment to one another, blending the sands of your family together. The separate vessels of sand you each hold represents your lives up to this moment. And from this moment on, as with the sands you now blend together, you shall become one; a family created.

As each of you pour into the vase you are saying as a blended family:
*Your feelings become my feelings
*Your sorrows become my sorrows;
*Your joys become my joys;
*Your cares become my cares;
*And your children become my children
*As a family we promise to true and faithful
*We will endure all the complexities of life
*Our love will be pure and unshakable

On this day, Robbie and Amanda came together as man and woman to be joined in marriage.  It is, however, more than just the union of two people in love.  It is also the joining of two families.

We ask today for the family that is now one to head down and line the pathway. As the new couple walks through we ask everyone gathered here today to join in extending to them your love and support by taking a moment to believe in magic by showering them with bubbles. Please focus on your wish for their relationship and family to flourish and grow throughout a long and happy life together.
August 21st, 2016~Carla and Chanel


~Marriage is the celebration of coming together of two lives and a celebration of two people in love. Not even the weather can ruin this day, these two have pure enduring love
 ~That feeling you get, you can't deny
never has someone made you feel this way before
love is a gift that is innocent and free
the most powerful gift you can give
there are no boundaries
love is equal
what we need in life is more love
where no judgement is made only pure and end enduring love
allows you to share the joys and lets go of all differences and grudges
where love is your best friend
who makes you smile
who brings life back into your world
who is the light no matter how dark it is
love does not see color, nor race, nor sex
love is equal depsite all of our differences
love is what we share
no matter who we are, where we've come from, what we believe we know this one thing...
love is what we're doing righ
love is equal that is why you both are standing here
that is why yall are here to watch them
we have all oved in our lifetimws and this moment we are reminded of the ability to love is the very best of our humanity

​September 3rd, 2016~Steve and Patti

~God has given you a second chance at happiness and love. Sometimes we fail to understand the pain and reason of failure of our past, we never know what the suffering is for, or what possible treasures you may gain from this.  The past made you stronger, the tears made you braver. Joel tells us in chapter 2 verse 25 “God can restore what is broken and change it into something amazing, all you need is faith”  3 years ago faith brought you together, made you both stronger and more importantly your family unbreakable. you finally knew you found the one, when he says you are amazing and you think he is crazy but Oscar Wilde says “never love anyone that treats you like you’re ordinary.  Steve and Patti your love and faith you have for each is other is nothing close to being ordinary… you are soul mates, you have someone to hold forever, a best friend to lean on, a family that is now one. Only a deep and abiding love can with stand the tides of change in two lives, Always keep your faith and love strong.

~Steve and Patti have exchanged their vows before God and these witnesses, they have pledged their commitment to each other, and declared the same by joining hands and by exchanging rings, I now pronounce them husband and wife.

~Therefore, what God has joined together, let man not separate.
You may kiss the bride.
The possibilites are endless.........
Here are some samples of scripts, vows, rings.  From I do's, I will's and I promises.
I will help create your masterpiece that is unique to the both of you. 
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