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My name is Renee Carroll and I marry all people, regardless of race or gender in Maryland and Delaware.  Love does not see race, color or sexual preference. I want everyone to have their "Happily Ever After"
A little love story about 2nd chances: I had gotten out of a bad marriage and had written off the idea of getting married again.  I wasn't finding luck finding my Prince Charming at bars and I did not belong to a gym.  I decided to join Match.  I saw him and thought wow, look at those eyes and that vacuum cleaner in the background (cleaning is not my thing). I winked at him and we started to chat.  A little over a year, I moved in with my two kids and his three kids.  We were on the 5 year plan on getting married.  I was in no rush.  Living with him, changed my outlook on what a true marriage is about and what being in love is all about.  I felt like the Grinch when he got the Christmas Spirit, my heart started to grow and warm up to the idea of getting married.  So we sped up our 5 year plan by 3 years and got married.  I had given him my everything and that day on April 4th, 2014 I honestly felt a stronger bond, a stronger love and a stronger committment for my husband.  When you find "the one" you can let all barriers and walls down and see what true love is.  This is my love story on how I met my Prince Charming.  We have 5 kids, 3 dogs, and 2 cats. 
I did my first wedding ceremony on the biggest love day, Feb 14, 2013.  Some great friends were going to the court house to get married and after a snow storm, the courts were closed. The bride was in a panic, so I decided to get ordained and in between working up patients I wrote their vows.  It was a beautiful ceremony with snow in the background and I am proud to say they have a gorgeous baby boy.
Vows, promises, and rings are the most important part of the ceremony. Creating vows and promises are meant to be unique and one of a kind.  They express your love and commitment to each other. You are not only marrying your best friend but you are making a lifetime commitment. The words you say should reflect about your love, devotion, goals, honor, respect, and most importantly the commitment you are giving each other. 
There is no wrong way on how a ceremony should go.  That is the unique thing about a wedding you can make it how you want it.  Let me help you decide what you want said.  If you are thinking about writing your own vows, its easier than you think, I can get you started.
Looking into falling in love all over again with your bride or groom.  Let XOXO Ceremonies help make the renewal of your vows be just as memorable as the first.